Top ten jewellery trends for 2017 Jewellery is a woman’s most loved asset. Even the most expensive and ravishing outfit would look good without latest jewellery designs. Accessorizing with different jewellery items such as necklaces, rings or earrings play a great role Elegance in a woman is enhanced by wearing catchy and attractive girl’s fashion jewellery items and therefore, we bring you ten latest jewellery trends of 2017.

Single earrings

Wish to look different and unique? Love earrings but not the idea of wearing them? Then single earrings are a must have for you. These single, new style earrings decorate just one ear and are the latest in trend. These fashion jewellery earring designs have been worn by many celebs including Angelina Jolie and are available in many different designs.

Choker Necklaces

Look amazing wearing choker necklaces. It goes without saying that necklace jewelry is to die for. They were a popular trend back in the 1990’s and have now made their entry in 2017 too. Varying from black pendant chokers to plastic tattoo chokers, a great variety is available online. You can select from crochet chokers, feathered chokers, and gold chokers and choose what makes you look both, gorgeous and comfortable. From Saint Laurent to Chanel, all designers have made their models wear pendant necklaces and choker necklaces on the ramp.

Ear Cuffs

Get catchier ear look easier and quicker by adorning your ears with ear cuffs. They help make your ears look stunning. Appearing first in the 1990’s, they continue to be a fashion trend. Ear cuffs with chain are unique as they decorate the larger part of your ear and are available in both piercing and non-piercing types.

Because it’s all About Rings This Year

Good news for all those women out there that believe wearing just one or two rings is not enough. This year, the trend is to wear a multiple ring set. Whether large or small, colored or bling, you can create attractive combinations and enhance the beauty of your hands.

Multiple Necklaces

Just like multiple rings, wearing multiple necklaces is also a jewellery trend of 2017. Choose pendants, lockets of your choice and team it up with your favourite chains to make attractive necklaces. Wear necklaces in large numbers and several layers and create a go-glam look.

Tassel Jewelry

Adorning earrings, handbags, and bracelets with tassels is the new trend. Be it any accessory, add up tassels to it, and you will be ready to take over the stage. Pearl and diamond tassel jewellery is our personal favourite.

Pearl Jewelry

It all about pearls. Exotic collections of pearl jewelry including beautiful pearl necklace designs and pearl rings are widely available everywhere. Be it your necklace, or your ring; pearls go with everything. Although pearls come in different shapes and sizes, we believe large white pearls go with almost any attire.

Heavy, Metallic Jewelry

Calling out to all bohemians and gothic. 2017 is the year for you. One of the most amazing jewelry trends of the year is heavy, big and metallic jewelry especially when it comes to ring jewelry. Oversized hoops, fashion rings for teenage girls, chandi rings, chunky necklaces especially the ones made up of bamboo are the hottest trend this year.

Geometrical Design Jewelry

Geometric designs have dominated the fashion world nowadays. Triangular earrings, long necklaces and various other geometrical shapes like hexagon and cylinder are the hot new jewelry trend.

Golden Details

A touch of gold never hurt anybody. Be it your earrings, necklaces, cuffs, chains or rings, add golden details to create a luxurious look to your jewellery and get ready to turn heads around.

So what jewellery trend are you a fan of? Find out now these most beautiful jewellery designs and go Va Va Voom!

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