Summers are all about fun and frolic, basking in the sun and enjoying a tan at the beach. Whether you plan to spend your summers inside or outdoors, summers can be a difficult season where all mothers strive to keep their infants comfortable and safe.

Often mothers don’t dress their little ones appropriately resulting in heat rash. In other cases, the dressing is not appropriate enough to offer maximum coverage with an increased chance of heatstroke.

For mothers, dressing their little ones is one of the most exciting experiences. Pairing cute shorts with dainty tops, light airy frocks with matching accessories, t-shirts, tank tops, all give a modern and attractive look to your little one.

So, if you are looking for idea to make your little stars shine this summer, we have prepared a list of the top trends that are a hit this season:


Cute, colorful frocks are a hit this season. Sleeveless frocks are a must have this season available in a variety of colors, patterns and prints. They give your little princess a modern and trendy look without compromising on their comfort.

The airy frocks are a summer essential great for casual lounging, birthday parties or beachy picnics.


This goes without saying, summers without shorts are a complete bummer. Shorts are a staple for summer for both – boys and girls. Pair them up with a t-shirt and your little one is good to go. Not only shorts look good, but they are super comfortable for your little one.


Tank Tops

Tank tops while are not a popular choice due to their casual look but are great for summers to beat the heat. Available in a variety of colors, you can pick and choose vibrant prints and patterns that best suit your liking. While they may not be a popular choice for events, but are great for picnics, tuitions or play dates.



Short skirts are not just adorable, but a summer essential. With cute bows, flowers or frills, skirts give your little princes a modern and impressive look. Pair your mini shirts with a nice top and your little one is all set for the summers,


Don’t forget to accessorize your little divas wardrobe with matching hair clips, bands, necklaces and cute bracelets. These accessories add a pop of color and give your child an attractive look. Similarly, you can use bows, belt and hats to stylize your little boy.

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