Smart watches have completely revolutionized the tech sector. With wearable technology becoming part and parcel of our everyday lives, the need for smart watches has increased exponentially. Generally, iOS and Android smart watches are popular due to a plethora of functionalities they offer.

A smart watch as per the definition given by Wikipedia is simply a computerized wristband that is laden with functionalities that are not just restricted to timekeeping. While this concept dates back to the 70s, it has gotten massive popularity in the times to come. The concept of smart watches got popularity earlier in 2012 when Pebble came up with the first modern smart watch. Soon, other tech giants followed its lead and Google and Apple launched their variants two years later.

Today many big names have joined the list of smart watch makers. While Apple, FitBit remains to be the industry giant, high end watch brands like TAG Heuer, Fossil and more have debuted their line of smart watches. With a smart watch, you can monitor your health, activity, and keep up-to-date with your mobile apps without having to use your smartphone physically.

The best smart watches in Pakistan now offer built-in fitness features. This includes heart rate sensor, GPS, activity monitoring, etc. It needs to be understood that a primary purpose behind a smart watch is to serve as a health focused device rather than a smartphone replacement.

Buying the perfect smart watch is often a very important decision. If you are struggling to choose between two affordable yet extremely functional smart watches, then continue reading.


In recent times, the two companies that have gained immense popularity in the smart watch fraternity is Bingo and Suunto. With their top notch wearable devices, the manufacturers have offers inexpensive smart watch options to consumers who do not want to spend thousands of dollars on an Apple Watch. With impeccable functionalities and features, Bingo and Suunto have made a great impact. Let’s have a look at how these two devices fare against each other:

Bingo X6

Being one of the best affordable smart watches available on the market, Bingo X6 comes with plethora of functionalities and features. The company wants to be able to provide a seamless user experience to its customers. It is a user friendly smart watch that has an impressive display for applications as well as other functions. A little bit on the lighter side wearability wise, the smart watch is only 55g.

With a touch screen display, the Bingo X6 has an incredible reception with a 240 x 240 pixels. It also features a 380 mAH battery that takes up to 2 hours to fully charge to give you up to three hours of talk time and 160 hours of standby time. For better functionality, you should pair the smart watch with Android devices only to access numerous features. This include remote image capturing, ringing reminder to find your phone with a notification alert, and social integration.

What’s more is that Bingo X6 also features Bluetooth v3.0, SIM card option, remote voice calling/receiving, and activity trackers.

Suunto M2

Suunto M2 is considered as a real-time tracker of calories and heart rate. The company is known for making some of the very best watches and fitness equipment in the industry. The M2 is ideal for beginners who have recently started to work out. The solid functionality at affordable prices is something that has made Suunto one of the leading names in the market. The primary focus of Suunto M2 is running and can be called as a running watch. Why? Because, it allows you to track how you have performed one session after another by monitoring calories, heart rate, and time. The watch may not be as advanced as other options, but it works well for numerous activities.

The smart watch is very simple to use and does not require you to be a tech-person to fully understand it. Suunto M2 weighs only 40g and comes with a heart rate strap. The watch will also give real-time training guidance so that users can benefit from it. Available in nine languages, the smart watch is popular for its simplicity and low pricing.

The display screen of the smart watch is smaller than other options on the market. When charged fully, the Suunto M2 can last around up to one year on standby mode. There is no power source and the M2 does not require charging like other smart watches. Users will have to replace the battery when it is becoming weak. Typically, it is believed to last for one year on moderate usage. It is water resistant and can be a great smart watch if you are looking for a minimalistic product.

Difference between Bingo X6 and Suunto M2

If we compare both smart watch devices against each other, the clear winner is Bingo X6. With a bigger and better watch face that support touch display, X6 offer more functionality and features to users than Suunto M2. The M2 only has an edge over X6 when it comes to battery life where it can last up to one year. And yes, there is no power source whatsoever – you will have to replace batteries when they are dead.

The Bingo X6 comes with a music player (MP3), video player, and radio to keep the user entertained. With advanced accelerometer and pedometer, you can keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly workout performances. It also has an activity tracker. Majority of the features and functionalities in the Bingo X6 are missing in Suunto M2. This is because the M2 is the primary function of this smart watch is to facilitate amateur runners. With limited functionality and options, people have started to call it as a running gear or an activity tracker rather than a smart watch.

The M2 weighs lighter than X6. However, when it comes to durability and performance, the Bingo’s smart watch again supersedes Suunto M2.


Hence in a nutshell, it is believed that Bingo X6 is a better option if you are looking for a smart watch. With better functionalities and feature set, Suunto M2 does not come close to what its competitor can offer. Regardless, it varies from person to person when it comes to buying tech gadgets. Some of you may dislike the X6 for its design while some of you may prefer M2 for being simpler. If you are looking to buy a wearable device to track your activities, then it is recommended to go for Suunto M2. However, if you are looking for something more than just an activity tracker, your clear choice should be Bingo X6.

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