Choosing the right nursery colors can be extremely tricky. Today, many parents desire to deviate from the standard pinks and blue and choose from a wide array of colors that breathe in new life to the baby’s nursery.

While many people think color selection is a piece of cake, rather it is a science where millions have been invested in research pertaining to color psychology. The psychological studies indicated that colors have a sound influence on the behavior and mood. They stimulate the body and brain and body positively affecting the health of your little one.

The marketing gurus have been using the color psychology since decade for activations and campaigns. The décor at nurseries is thus designed in a manner that positively affects the attitude of your little one. While many people thing that color psychology is a marketing gimmick, but research does indicate otherwise. It improves sleeping patterns, memory retention and performance that fosters growth and development.

Irrespective of planning your baby’s nursery or giving your child’s room a much-needed makeover, it is important to take the color psychology into consideration. Before you start the painting process, try understanding the color psychology.

Effect of Colors

All colors have different impact on the body and mind. Therefore, your favorite hue can positively shape your personality.

Below is a brief rundown of each color family:

Warm Colors

All in all, warms colors denote comfort and happiness. They create an intimate environment at large making the space look warm and cozy. Hues of yellow, red and orange tend to stimulate the mind and have an energetic effect on the human body.

While this is essential for growth and development, it may hamper the sleeping patterns making your little one hyperactive. Therefore, it is advised to use warm colors in moderation.

Cool Colors

The cool colors have a calming effect on your little one. They make the room look spacious and have a relaxing feel. However, if you choose cool colors that have a dark look, then the room may look gloomy. Therefore, as a parent you need to be extremely strategic with the choice you make using your desired hue smartly.

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