While the whole world is celebrating the Black Friday, Farjazz.pk is celebrating Green Friday. You must be wondering why?

Why Green, Why not Black? – We Explain You The Best!

Our country, our pride! We, the team of Farjazz.pk are all in all Pro Pakistanis. Yes, you heard it right! Black Friday is good, but green is ours. We bleed green, hold high pride in our nation and identity and thus aim to carry this patriotic legacy forth.

Also, green, being the national color of our country and our flag has a special place in our hearts, and it is, therefore, that we have come up with the idea of Green Friday to create the aura of a Pakistani event.

Having said, we are not anti-Black Friday. Here we explain you why. If we shed light on the history of Black Friday, this day is celebrated instead of the end of the recession that took place in the U.S back in the 18th century. A couple of Wall Street financiers worked together to buy up as much of gold as possible in anticipation of skyrocketing the prices and earning huge profits.

However, on the Friday of that September, their conspiracy soon, sending the stock market into free fall and bankrupting even the biggest tycoons of America. The word black refers to the ink color in which profits back then were recorded. After the financial crisis ceased, profits went black from being marked in red to black. Since then congested streets with huge crowds anticipating sales on this day called Black Friday has become a norm in the United States since Black Friday remembers the financial crisis of 1869, the stock market fall and the profit margins’ crash.

Since the origin, purpose, and history of the Black Friday and the US recession nowhere relate to Pakistan, we don’t see any reason to celebrate Black Friday in Pakistan.

Green Friday- Just a Different Name with the Discounts All the Same!

Enjoy not a day but a whole week of fantastic Green Friday deals in Pakistan, only at Farjazz.pk. Whether you are on the hunt for that cultural eastern apparel or craving to buy that latest model of mobile phone, do not miss out on our hottest offers and discounts during the Green Friday online sales week.

Fasten up Your Belts for the Biggest Discount Sale Ever on Farjazz.pk

This year, get ready for the biggest discount sale on Farjazz.pk. Visit us during the Green Friday sale season and stay updated on the new sales, promotions, deals, and offers. Be it western clothing, eastern attire, toy, and stationary bargains, stylish savings on accessories or bundle deals on beauty products, Farjazz.pk has got it all for you.

Beauty Deals for a Beautiful

This Green Friday season, while you shop for everyone around you, we don’t want you to forget yourself. Green Friday online season is the perfect time of the year to get a little something for yourself. Farjazz.pk offers great bundle deals of buying one get one free on a vast collection of makeup, skincare, hair products and fragrances.

Indulge and finally buy that coveted item on your wish list from your favorite brands like L’Oreal, Olay, Garnier, Rimmel, and Bourjois. Be it that shimmery highlighter to contour your cheekbones, your favorite color lasting shampoo or that perfect moisturizer to nourish your skin, this Green Friday grab not one but all your selected picks from the Green Friday discounts at Farjazz.pk.

Get Ready for an Exclusive Launch of Toys and Stationery Items at Farjazz.pk

At Farjazz.pk, the season of Green Friday is not only about huge discounts and offers but also exclusive launches. This Green Friday 2017, Farjazz.pk will launch a wide range of toys and stationery items. From cute dolls to transformers and educational toys like Lego, keep an eye for the exciting new toy range at Farjazz.pk, to surprise your little one and make his playtime all the more fun filled. Additionally, enhance your office and school supplies with our Green Friday new and funky stationary items launch.

This Green Friday, Save Huge on Women’s Fashion

Easily find something for every woman in your family from the best Green Friday deals in Pakistan at Farjazz.pk. From colorful tunics to block printed shalwar kameez and immaculate accessories to go with it, Farjazz.pk offers huge discounts on all.

Not just this, to keep you comfortable all night long and we offer Green Friday deals on lingerie and nightwear too. To cater to your fashion needs Farjazz.pk showcases exciting Green Friday deals on popular brands like nighty 4 U, Contessa, 100 Degrees, Naureen Shah, Arabis and The Warehouse. So keep a close eye on your favorite clothing items and accessories from the Women’s Fashion range, so you don’t miss out on any deals.

Men’s Fashion Deals-Like No Other

Planning to revamp your closet but not able to due to low budget? Worry no more as the Green Friday deals in Pakistan for men’s fashion at Farjazz.pk are here to your rescue. From stocking western shirts to eastern kurtas by leading brands nationwide like Nike, Contessa, Red Tree and others, Farjazz.pk offers attractive savings on all men’s fashion products. To complete your signature look, there is a wide selection of sandals, slippers, and accessories on discounted prices to choose from.

Best Mobile Deals of the Season

Green Friday at Farjazz.pk is the perfect time to buy the latest mobile devices. Filled with the latest technology and new features, shop for the latest deals on a range of Android and iPhones featured at Farjazz.pk. From Samsung and Apple to other popular brands including Alcatel, Motorola, Huawei, Infinix and Q-Mobile, avail Green Friday deals on Farjazz.pk like no other.

Wait No Further, Get Green Get Shopping

With so many Green Friday deals in Pakistan on your fingertips and the several shipping options at Farjazz.pk, you can shop online all not just all night long but all week long, without having to wait in line. Trust us- if you want to snag in on a good deal, Farjazz.pk is your best bet. Look nowhere beyond and celebrate this Green Friday 2017, only at Farjazz.pk.

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