While preparing for the arrival of your little one is one of the most anticipated times for new parents. Amongst the list, getting the baby’s nursery ready is not only important but is also a lot of fun. If you are one of those parents that gets overwhelmed by looking at the choices in the baby shop, we have prepared a complete checklist that will help you in choosing the best products to complete your baby’s nursery.

Nap Time

  • Buy a crib for your little one to create a comforting and calm sleeping ambiance for your baby.
  • Buy a cot that has variable mattress heights and variable sides so that once your baby grows, you don’t have to purchase a new one. Moreover, make sure that the mattress fits firmly in the cot
  • Invest in at least three fitted sheets.
  • Get night wear for your baby in bright vibrant colors.
  • Get swaddling blankets for your baby as it will keep them secure.
  • Place curtains in the room to create a dark environment. This helps in making it easier for the little one to sleep.
  • A baby monitor is a must since it helps parents in keeping a track of their baby from the other corner of the house.

Baby Changing Essentials

  • To change all the dirty nappies of your baby, a changing mat is extremely handy.
  • Keep all your baby essentials in one place by purchasing a spacious changing bag.
  • If you’re worried about disposal of smelly nappies, then a nappy disposal bin is quite handy.
  • By a changing table with raised sides that prevents your baby from rolling off.
  • Use antibacterial hand sanitizer to clean yourself after a nappy change.
  • A nappy cream is also must to soothe the sore bottoms.
  • For dry skin, you can use a baby lotion that makes it soft and radiant.
  • Baby wipes are ideal for cleaning the baby on the go.

Décor and More

  • Decorating the nursery for the arrival of your little one is extremely joyous. Go for a traditional blue and pink theme with frames, stuff toys, milestone charts, cute accessories and toys to keep your little one entertained and busy.

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