Ramadan is round the corner and preparations for Eid are in full swing. It’s that time of the year when families unite to shop for their eid ensembles, exchange mithais and rejoice the occasion. However, expatriates and people away from their family are generally the ones isolated from the festivities, missing home and their loved ones.

Some of our loved ones, will sadly be spending eid away from home, somewhere in the land far away from home, striving to make life better. Regardless what the reason may be, it is that time of the year, where you would want to share the bitter sweet memories with your loved ones.

Here are a few things that Pakistanis essentially miss when they are away from home:

1. Missing upon all the royal treatment from your loved ones. From getting the perfect fitting shalwar qameez, bangles, matching earrings, khusay and more to preparing the yummiest of food. The experience is filled with love, traditions and absolutely amazing food.

2. The charm of getting Eidhi regardless of how much you earn is one of a kind. The crisp 100 notes, packed with love carries emotional and sentimental value for all.

3. Last minute Eid shopping for your festive essentials, or browsing online platforms like Farjazz.pk for a vast assortment of Eid goodies. The family bonding over making the most adorable decisions can never be replaced.

4. Not having anyone around to wake you up for Eid prayers or the constant nagging by ammi jan a night prior to Eid to be on time. The love by family is certainly overwhelming.

5. Heading to the masjid to offer your Eid prayers, finding your friends, neighbors and cousins clad in the new kurta shalwar, greeting one another, exchanging hugs and goodies, the community rejoices together as a whole.

6. Not getting the best tasting kheer, sawaiya or meethai that is handcooked with love by Ammi jan.

7. The cousin’s jam is one of the most anticipated things on Eid. Mocking one another, counting each other’s eidhi, the feeling is impeccable.

Eid is all about family, sharing the love, preparing meals, getting eidhi, and making delicious goodies. Having to spend this day without family can be extremely depressive. But need not worry, you can buy your favorite shalwat kameez, shoes, bangles, accessories, cakes, meethais and more and have they delivered at your doorstep back home only with Farjazz.pk.

While you cannot be there physically but the goodies you send via Farjazz.pk, will reciprocate the warmth and love.

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